Thread veins on the face are best treated with Short Wave Diathermy, where heat is used to close the broken blood capillaries. Other blemishes such as skin tags, blood spots, warts, small moles and milia, can also be treated this way.

The treatment consists of a local anaesthetic cream applied to numb the skin, we then use a fine, hair-like needle to conduct a small electric current which heats up the blood in the veins and seals it shut. After treatment the skin will be pink from the heat and may also be a little puffy in areas, although this will settle in a few hours. On day two or three, tiny scabs may form, but over the next few days everything should have settled down.

While the veins disappear immediately, they are still healing and the final results will only be seen after 4 weeks. The process can be repeated at this point if necessary.

Treatment Price

£90.00 per 15 minute treatment