Zeus Micro-Plasma is a safe, minimally invasive and effective treatment for skin blemishes and non-surgical eyelid tightening (Blepharoplasty). It utilises micro-plasma technology which stimulates the contraction of skin fibres giving an immediate tightening and lifting effect to the area and promoting skin rejuvenation, without damage to the surrounding or deeper structures of the skin. Healing is quick and scar-free, and the results are long lasting. After the initial swelling and crust formation, both of which are normal, there will be pink “baby” skin which will initially be itchy and then slowly achieve normal colouring.

Treatment Prices

Upper Eyelid Non-surgical Blepharoplasty  £200.00

Lower Eyelid Non-surgical Blepharoplasty  £200.00

Upper & Lower Eyelid One Session  £350.00

Perioral/Smokers Lines – Top Lip  £300.00

Crow’s Feet  £150.00

Mini Face Rejuvenation – Upper Eyelids, Crow’s Feet and Smokers Lines  £550.00

Neck  £650.00

 Note: The above treatments may require up to 3 treatments may be required to achieve the desired result. Some downtime post procedure is required.

Mole/Skin Tags/Xanthelasma Removal  from £150.00

All procedures are inclusive of a consultation fee of £50.00, if the procedures does not go ahead for any reason, then the consultation fee only will be charged.